Agrani Bank Deposit Products of Islami Banking

Deposit Products
Islamic Banking Branches and Windows collect deposits on two basic principles:

1. Al-Wadiah Account.
2. Mudaraba Account.

A. Al-Wadiah Account:
‘Al-Wadiah’ is the contract of giving total security of money of the depositors. In this regard, depositors do not participate or take any risk of business with the bank. Depositors hold the right to withdraw his or her money at any banking time. Depositors do not get profit from bank. Rather bank can deduct service charge from the account for maintaining and securing the deposit.
B. Mudaraba Account:
Mudaraba is a share based business system. Two parties involve in the contract where one party invests all the capital (owner of capital or Shahib-Al-Mal) and other uses his or her knowledge, experience, ability, skill and labor to run the business (Manager of Capital or Mudarib).
Different Types of Deposit Account

Sl. Deposit Provisional Rate of Profit
1. Al-Wadeah Current Account
2. Mudaraba Savings Account 3.50%
3. Mudaraba Special Notice Deposit(MSND) 3.50%
4. Mudaraba Term Deposit Account(MTDR)
(A) 1 Month. 3.50%
(B) 3 Months. 5.00%
(C) 6 Months. 5.50%
6 Months(above Tk. 5.00 crore) 6.00%
(D) 1 Year and above. 6.00%
1 Year and above(above Tk 5.00 crore) 6.50%
5. Mudaraba Special Savings Scheme
(a) 5 Years 7.00%
(b) 10 Years 8.00%
6. Mudaraba Hajj Deposit Scheme
(a) 1 Year to 5 years 7.50%
(b) 6 Years to 10 years 8.50%
7. Mudaraba Mohor Savings Deposit Scheme
(a) 5 Years 6.50%
(b) 10 Years 7.50%
8. Mudaraba Cash Waqf Deposit Scheme 8.50%
9. Mudaraba ‘Probashi kallyan’ Savings Account 4.50%